Berner Air Curtains are a low cost, low energy option to have on any entry way! They increase safety by providing a clear line of sight through door ways. While also increasing productivity by regulating the temperature in your building so your people, and your machines work in optimum conditions. 

Products Offered

Architectural air curtains

Commercial air curtains

Sanitation Certified(NSF Certified) air curtains

Industrial air curtains

Hazardous Location air curtains

Patio Heaters

Services Offered

New equipment installations
Same-day emergency repairs
Proactive planned maintenance
Replacement equipment
Food-grade facility inspections
Safety inspections

Challenges & Considerations

The physical dimensions of the opening, including height, width and space available for installation (clearance above the mantle).
The type of door being used
The type of opening — customer entry, service entry, dock door, etc.
The climate. Would supplemental heat at the door be appreciated by the building occupants?
The prevailing winds and exterior temperatures on outside openings
The existence of any drafts due to pressure differences at the opening

Our Advantages

Our certified technicians help keep your equipment up and running, operating safely while reducing your downtime.

We service all brands and have the parts you need.

Air Curtains are incredibly beneficial to any business's operations! Here are a few examples of an air curtain's usefulness for you!

~Air curtains can be beneficial anywhere!~

Whether you work at a hospital, grocery store, airport, restaurant, indoor/outdoor bar or concessions, or industrial warehouse(including but not limited to cold storage, food storage, and pharmaceutical) 
  • Energy savings through control of air transfer
  • Energy savings due to shorter run times of air handler or compressor
  • Maintain employee/customer comfort
  • Reduce flying insect infiltration
  • Unhindered traffic flow
  • Unobstructed visibility across threshold
  • Increase productivity due to stable temperatures
  • Maintain usable space around door
  • Elimination of ice and fog in cold storage areas

Maintenance Needs

Berner air curtains require minimal maintenance. We advise a scheduled cleaning at least once every three months. This will ensure the air curtain works properly, and extends the life cycle of the product. Extremely dirty, dusty or greasy environments could require a more aggressive cleaning schedule.

Cleaning your Air Curtains

With our PMP or Preventative Maintenance Plans, we can schedule maintenance cleanings for you with our certified technicians to keep your operations running smoothly.


For instructions for your particular model, consult the appropriate maintenance manual for instructions.