Loading docks are the critical link between your facility and your customers, which makes them integral to your productivity.  When you add the knowledge and quality of Poweramp and Pace to your team, your productivity goes up!

Dock Equipment

Dock levelers & dock lifts

Dock seals & shelters

Dock safety equipment

Dock accessories

Air Curtains


Services Offered

New equipment installations
Same-day emergency repairs
Proactive planned maintenance
Replacement equipment
Food-grade facility inspections
Safety inspections


Dock leveler lips that don’t extend
Mechanical levelers that are hard to operate
Powered levelers that are not operational
Worn, torn and weathered dock seals and shelters
Dock leveler weather seals are worn
Missing dock bumpers
Concrete damage
Dock seals falling off the wall
Vehicle restraints that aren’t working
Restraint lights that aren’t functional

Our Advantages

Our factory-trained service specialists help keep your equipment up and running, operating safely while reducing your downtime.  

We service all brands and have the parts you need.

Dock Levelers and Lifts

Dock Levelers

Dock levelers bridge the gap between the dock and the trailer, adjusting for height differences.  They are an important safety and efficiency measure.  We have dock levelers specifically designed to fit the weight capacity with ramp lengths you need in your dock area.  Adding our scheduled maintenance further ensures productivity to your facility.

Poweramp CentraAir - Air Powered Series

  • Push button or Lanyard
  • Electrical not required to pit
  • Extremely simple design
  • Cleanest pit design available
  • Environmentally friendly

 Poweramp's Hydraulic Series

  • Push-button operation
  • High capacity models
  • Many options for integration
  • Safety lip options

Dock Lifts

Dock lifts provide a stable and level platform for off-loading trucks and trailers when a dock-high building is not an option or when the range of trailer heights is more than a dock leveler can handle.

Scissor Lift

  • Portable or permanent models available
  • Standard capacities range from 4,000 lbs. to 20,000 lbs.
  • Platform sizes: 4′ – 8′ wide and 6′ – 16′ long
  • Standard working range up to 59″
  • Easily customized for any specialized application

Dock Seals and Shelters

Dock Seals

Dock seals help seal between the trailer and building, preventing air, rain, snow, dirt, insects, birds and debris from coming in as trucks are loaded and unloaded. We can help you determine just what’s right for your dock

Fairborn 1000 Series & 1400 Series

  • Provides the environmental seal between building wall and truck
  • Ideal for doors up to 9′ wide  by 10′ high
  • Wide selection of fabric types and colors
  • Configured to work with any dock design

“L-Shaped” Dock Seals

  • Provides full-width and full-height access to trailers
  • Side pads constructed of foam
  • Sustains impact without damage from off-centered spotted trailers
  • Wide selection of fabric and colors
  • Ideal for door sizes up to 10′ wide by 12′ high

Dock Shelters

Fairborn Series 2000 Rigid Frame 

  • Ideal for larger dock doors 10'x10' to 12'x12'
  • Provides full-width and full height access into trailers
  • Side and head frame is rigid with translucent fiberglass
  • Available in a wide variety of fabrics

Rigid Frame

  • Designed to accommodate wide variety of trailer sizes and door sizes
  • Provides full-width and full-height access to trailers
  • Wide selection of fabric and colors

Soft-sided Shelter

  • Impact-resistant foam frame design
  • The frame sustains impact without damage from off-centered spotted trailers
  • Same functionality as Rigid Frame series
  • Wide selection of fabric and colors

Rail Shelters

  • Three- and four-sided models available
  • Ideal for cold storage industry and other temperature controlled areas

Air Curtains

By placing Berner's Air Curtains above your doors, you will be creating a barrier between the outside environment and the inside. Temperature, dust, and insects will cease to be an issue for your company, with low energy and maintenance costs.


See the Air Curtains page for more information

Safety Trailer Restraints

End trailer creep and give your dock personnel the appropriate safety measures they need while loading and unloading with truck restraints from Pace. Our dock experts will help you select the right truck restraints for the job and make sure they’re installed to the highest standards.


  • Fully automatic
  • Hydraulically driven
  • 3-light outside communication system
  • Auto Restore
  • Restraining force exceeds 35,000 lbs. 


  • Seeks, finds and holds the truck's ICC bar
  • Closes the safety gap & eliminates trailer creep
  • Automatic LED light communication system
  • Easily installed on new or existing docks

TPR Series

  • Industry proven restraint design
  • Advanced LED 3-light communication system
  • Keyed bypass/override switch
  • Restraining force exceeds 30,000 lbs.


  • Expansive operating range
  • Powder coated components
  • Low profile design
  • Manual or automatic operation

If it has wheels, we can restrain it!