Our Maintenance Control Plans or MCP's include annual, semi-annual, and quarterly service check ups. These check ups will ensure your equipment is running smoothly to keep your business flowing. For each planned check up we send our licensed material lift mechanics to you, and they will check and repair any malfunctioning pieces of your equipment. These preventative check ups will reduce your downtime and increase your productivity!

Equipment We Service

  • Material Lifts as defined by the State of Washington
  • Manufactured by Pflow Industries Inc.
  • Manufactured by Autoquip
  • Manufactured by Custom Industrial Products
  • Manufactured by Wildeck
  • All other manufacturers


  • Being written up on Annual State Inspections
  • Meeting ASME A17.1 Inspection Requirements
  • Meeting ASME A17.1 Maintenance Requirements
  • Frayed or warn cables
  • Downtime due to damaged or failing equipment
  • Door interlocks out of adjustment
  • 1-year & 5-year inspections

Services Offered

  • Custom-designed maintenance control programs
  • Same-day emergency repairs
  • Proactive planned maintenance

Our Advantages

  • Our Licensed Service Professionals help keep your equipment up and running, operating safely while reducing your total cost of ownership
  • We service all brands and have the critical parts you need
  • Pace Material Handling is a licensed elevator company
  • Pace Material Handling is recognized by Washington State with code-compliant maintenance control plans

Washington State requires that all owners of conveyances governed by L & I and the City of Seattle have an MCP as prescribed by the ASME A17.1, section 8.6 and 8.11 of the Elevator Code. This plan is to ensure that a conveyance is maintained correctly throughout its life. Pace Material Handling is one of very few companies to have demonstrated to the State, the ability to create a code compliant Maintenance Control Plan according to code requirements and specifically for Material Lifts.

What is a Maintenance Control Plan?


The MCP must be site-specific to each lift application. There are MCP logs that specify the intervals required to examine the equipment and also specify the intervals for maintaining the equipment, including cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and testing. These intervals are based on equipment age, condition, accumulated wear, usage, environmental conditions, and manufacturer's recommendations. These logs are to be left on site, either with the lift or in the owner's possession.

The second component to the MCP is the procedure manual (for licensed mechanics only). This too, must be specific to the type and manufacture of equipment and tells the mechanic exactly how to correctly fulfill each task. This is like a Chiltons manual for a car and helps assure that every one of our licensed mechanics will fulfill each task the same as the last mechanic. While the MCP logs are kept on site, the MCP procedure manuals are kept by the elevator contractor, Pace Material Handling. The owner of the material lift can ask to see these manuals at any time.

Pace Material Handling offers customized MCP Programs to keep your lifts operating in the safest and most efficient manner.