Preventative Maintenance Programs

"Dock Downtime" is catastrophic to your business, we don't need to tell you that. We would like to help keep your shipping and receiving running as smoothly as possible.  Regular preventative maintenance will suppress expensive equipment failures and the resulting associated delays. Our Service Technicians are trained to inspect and identify potential problems before they become critical safety or productivity issues.

For your assurance, our Service Technicians will examine your dock equipment and perform the following for all models of dock levelers:

  • Clean all debris from pit area that may inhibit normal operation
  • Apply required lubrication per manufacturers recommended specifications
  • Make all necessary adjustments as listed to meet manufacturer's specified tolerance
  • A thorough inspection for immediate attention to any damaged or warn parts
  • Repairs at the time of examination to ensure safety of all of your dock equipment
  • Communication with you, the customer, all work performed and any concerns that should be addresses



Pace Material Handling has the best installation crews in the business.  We know that time is money!  There is nothing worse than halting operations due to unnecessary delays.  Pace Material Handling will work with you to make sure that doesn't happen.

We are flexible, too.  It has been our experience that many changes can take place in the middle of the project.  We make sure those changes are addressed as smoothly and as cost effectively as possible.  Because of our experience, we have found ways to save you money on installation.

Pace Installations

For more information about our Preventative Maintenance Programs, please contact our Service Department.